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To Inspire And Make An Impact Into The Hearts And Lives Of People Through My Workings So That When A Time Comes For Me To Look Back, I Can Say “I Did Just Fine" And I Am Happy To Live Up To My Name's Responsibility.







Lives Impacted

Sonali's Cubo by Vayjayanti Pugalia presents Heart&Soul Ms. & Mrs. India 2019, Kolkata Edition

Presenting you a wonderful platform that extends beyond the vitals of height and weight, a platform that is here to celebrate the individuality of every woman, invites gorgeous women across varied age groups to be a part of this fantastic initiative consisting of a full-fledged two-day event

It's your chance to shine bright, showcase your glamour like never before and finally love yourself enough to go through with something that you have always wanted to do!

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Awards & Recognition

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‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award’ By Women Economic Forum 2018

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The India Leadership Award presented by Soha Ali Khan in the category Entrepreneur and Development

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Award for leading entrepreneur in training & development industry by the Women Convention 2018 conference

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I feel honored and proud to have received the Women Entrepreneur Award award by Great Companies. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for encouraging me to constantly work towards the betterment of the society as a whole. "Empowered Women Empower Women".