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To Inspire And Make An Impact Into The Hearts And Lives Of People Through My Workings So That When A Time Comes For Me To Look Back, I Can Say “I Did Just Fine" And I Am Happy To Live Up To My Name's Responsibility.







Lives Impacted

The Third Eye

Sonali’s Cubo presents “The Third Eye”, a summit on transgender on 12th of January 2019, which seeks to communicate the emergence of the community, the challenges the community faces, the many success stories of various personalities from community and the solutions to make them completely merge with the mainstream of our society.

The main aim to curate the third eye was to bridge the thought gap between the public and the transgenders. To show to the community that even with limited resources this their gender is creating miracles to generate responsibility towards the transgenders so that more institutions can come forward to provide education and learning to this section of the society if education becomes their base then they can apply for many jobs to sustain themselves also to accept the community with open arms in corporate sectors.

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If you are a member of the Transgender Community having an ongoing business you wish to grow or an innovative start-up idea you want to scale, this is the playroom for you! Register here to get selected for our hot pitch round!

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Awards & Recognition

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Award of Excellence by the very inspirational Anjana Kuthiala, ex Miss India and Celebrity Painter Curator

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‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award’ By Women Economic Forum 2018

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The India Leadership Award presented by Soha Ali Khan in the category Entrepreneur and Development

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Award for leading entrepreneur in training & development industry by the Women Convention 2018 conference