The Colors of Innocence (2013)

A movement of kindness organized for the children to work together as a team to raise funds for the ones who deserve it the most. Children were given supervision by Dr. Gouri Kumra, artist and genealogist, to create beautiful works of art which was later auctioned amongst family and friends to raise money for differently privileged souls.
After the auction, the proceeds went to charity. By being a part of this noble cause the children not only identified with GRACE but also grew from within to become better citizens of tomorrow. They learnt an extensive form of art and more over going through Catharsis …which will help the parents to understand the psychological state of mind of the children. This analysis will further help in child parent bonding future development of the child both sentimentally and academically.

More than 75 children painted and donated their art work towards charity. Each child echoed “I nominate my painting for charity” – thereby collecting funds for: (i) Computers for NGOs; (ii) Blankets for children of the Sundarbans, West Bengal; (iii) Kidney dialysis for 50 children for free at Swasthya Sankalp ,Kolkata